Stunning Examples Of Animal Body Art

These are amazing

I’m too much of a sensitive soul that I can cry practically on cue anytime I get sad.

I wish that people would listen to my thoughts and ideas.

Some of the non-human lives that have been reported to me were: life as a stalk of corn where enjoyment came from basking in the sun and swaying in the gentle breezes. Life as a rock where time went by with incredible slowness. Life as a mammoth where the main feeling was the hugeness and heaviness of the body. Life as a giant bird feeling protectiveness for its egg, and feeling the camaraderie of others in its species. Life as a giant ape who felt peace and contentment with others in its group. He possessed only the simplest of emotions. Their leader was an older ape who they expected to take care of them. When he died, there was much confusion among the group, and they prodded the body to try and make him wake up.
All these lives were simple by comparison to humans, yet they had their distinct qualities that indicates they were living and sentient beings. Maybe if we could understand this, and realize we have all gone through these stages, we would take better care of our environment and our planet; realizing we are all connected on a deeper, vaster soul level.

The Convoluted Universe Book II (via wanderlust-utopia)
How many times does history have to repeat itself before mankind finally gets the message? The Earth is a living being, and will rebel if too much damage is done. And it has the power to counteract if mere mortals think they have the power to try to rule it.
The Convoluted Universe Book II (via wanderlust-utopia)



Winter Scenery of Mochou Lake, Nanjing City, China